Our Review of “Al’s Diamond Cabaret: Scene of Hotwife Brandi Love’s Latest Erotic Triumph”

Hello there fellow BrandiLovers! Once again, BrandiLoveReviews.com returns to offer you our unique insights on the performances and media of the world’s hottest MILF, Brandi Love! For this edition, we traveled to the legendary Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA to take in an evening of erotic sights and sounds, headlined by the feature dancing prowess that only Brandi Love can deliver…and man, did she really bring it THIS time! Read below for our critique/summary!

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Cowgirl Brandi Love Rode ‘Em High & Hard at Al’s!

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What we liked: Brandi’s feature dancing performances continue to get even better, despite our previous assertions that she has been at the top of her game, leaving us entirely in disbelief. Brandi’s costumes, energy, and enthusiastic crowd interaction set her apart once again during her 3-set routine (9pm, 11pm, 1am). The music was well-matched with her costumes, making each one of her sets – all of extremely high quality, of course – completely different and erotically independent of the other. We also liked how Brandi, at the end of each set, used an entire song to walk amongst the crowd, meeting and greeting her charged-up fans; this was an exceptionally personal and thoughtful touch that we hope to see her repeat in future feature dancing performances. Brandi also made herself available in between sets for private lapdances, even putting in some extra erotic effort working an eager bachelor party that strolled in earlier on in the evening.

The venue, Al’s Diamond Cabaret has been referred to as legendary in many adult circles (including our own references) and the club lived up to its billing. The club’s floor setup was medium-sized but excellent and the stage was complete with not one but two stripper poles, which were tremendous use was made of throughout the evening by Al’s cadre of female dancer talent. The staff at Al’s is warm, friendly, competent, and professional; they handled their various tasks – and a large Saturday night crowd – with practiced ease. Drinks were moderately priced but never watered down; for example, our cocktails were consistently strong and delicious throughout the night. Al’s has a nicely eclectic selection of local stage talent; girls of different shapes, sizes, ages, and skill levels graced the stage – there was something there for everyone’s tastes. The club’s DJ was polished, balanced, and expertly kept the crowd energetic and enthusiastic throughout the evening.

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Biker Babe Brandi Love Featured This HOT Leather Getup at Al’s

What we didn’t like: Even though Al’s local dancer cadre was nicely mixed, some of the talent seemed unenthusiastic or even robotic as they went through their routines. Although many seemed to like engaging/involving the crowd, some simply resisted that idea, preferring to scoop dollar bills off of the stage instead of earning them from the customer’s hand directly. Also, many of the dancers were in excellent shape and lookin’ fine; some left a little bit to be desired, so be prepared to take the good with the less-than-ideal visually. Parking at Al’s was also very limited; if you plan on paying them a visit, we’d recommend getting there early to secure a decent spot. Despite Al’s medium size, spaces for private lapdances were noticeably in short supply.

Bottom Line: Overall, we had an absolute BLAST at Al’s. Brandi’s routines were again outstanding and a night of erotic fun was had by all. The cozy and energetic environment at Al’s only contributed to the enjoyment, as well as the professionalism and hospitality displayed by the staff. We’d definitely recommend Al’s to anyone – and if Brandi Love is on Al’s calendar, you simply will NOT want to miss the performance!

The LEGENDARY Al's Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA

Contact Details for Al’s Diamond Cabaret:

Who: Al’s Diamond Cabaret
Where: 1810 North 5th Street, Reading, PA 19604
Hotline: 800-CABARET
Local Line: 610-373-5277

You can also contact Al’s Diamond Cabaret at these sites:

Al’s Diamond Cabaret Website
Al’s Diamond Cabaret Facebook Page
Al’s Diamond Cabaret Twitter Page
Al’s Diamond Cabaret Myspace Page

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