Our review of Brandi Love’s Performance in “My First Sex Teacher”, exclusively from Naughty America!

Hello once again Brandi Lovers! It’s time to share with you yet another video review – we survey Hotwife Brandi Love’s performance in Naughty America’s “My First Sex Teacher” series! We selected this scene as it one of Brandi’s sexiest and most enthusiastic to date – read on for all the quasar-hot details!

A Review of Brandi Love's Appearance in

Professor Love Is Ready to Give Her First Lesson

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Date of Scene: 22 March 2009
Production Company: Naughty America
Series: My First Sex Teacher
Scene URL: Brandi Love with Danny Wylde in My First Sex Teacher
Male Talent/Co-star: Danny Wylde

The scene opens with Professor Brandi Love finishing up a Friday testing session in her Anatomy/Physiology class when young understudy Danny Wylde comes waltzing in, egregiously late. Of course, Mrs. Love has no choice but to chastise young Danny for his transgression. “How can you possibly make it work staying after on Friday?”, she asks. We’re about to find out!

 Professor Love Has Special Instruction Prepared For Young Danny

Professor Love Has Special Instruction Prepared For Young Danny

Professor Brandi Love decides to pick the topic – human erogenous zones – for young Danny to demonstrate his knowledge in lieu of his missed test. “Tell me what you know about the female anatomy.”, she purrs. Danny, seemingly taken aback, quickly rises to the occasion. Some hot kisses and the release of her perfect breasts…and this lesson commences with Brandi’s panties coaxed off and her deity-perfect ass and pussy right in Danny’s face.

Student Danny Learns About Mrs. Love’s Assets

Tonguing her meaty and swollen pussy from behind, he shows Professor Brandi that he’s more than up to the task of pleasing her. She certifies this by telling him, “You know what you’re doing down there!”. Danny steps up his effort by finger-banging her sopping pussy while tonguing her tight asshole. Nice move, kid.

 Young Danny Dutifully Probes Mrs. Love” width=

Young Danny Diligently Probes Mrs. Love

Mrs. Love’s pussy engorged and swollen, she sighs and moans with sheer delight as young Danny works his magic on her naughty bits. She demonstrates her pleasure with his skills, saying “You want an A, don’t you? Now it’s MY turn!”. With a quick move, she quickly assumes a position on her knees and frees Danny’s massive cock from the prison of his jeans. He’s so hard, in fact, that his cock nearly strikes Brandi right in the face! Talk about an excited young student – don’t knock her out, kid!


Mrs. Love Enjoys Her Mastery of the Topic – and Danny

Mrs. Love expertly sucks Danny’s cock and balls, hungrily taking his massive member into her waiting mouth. He responds appropriately by fucking her throat with his schlong; she gags slightly as it’s a little bigger than even she expected!


The Classroom Really Starts to Heat Up

Professor Love uses one of her own moves, flittering her tongue against just the head of Danny’s cock. Again, she tries to swallow up her student’s massive member to no avail; she can only gag in earnest. Perhaps she should let her perfectly-sized tits have a go at Danny’s cock?


Professor Love Takes Him Under Her Wing…and Into Her Bosom for Some Titfucking

All foreplay aside, it’s obvious these two want to get down to fucking – it’s really what we’re all here for anyway, right? Danny enters her meaty, wet-as-an-Amazon-downpour-during-a-hurricane pussy. He’d better be careful; he doesn’t want to pop early! She warns him, “You’d better slow down…don’t want you to cum too soon…or me!”


Young Danny Explores the Depths of Mrs. Love’s Knowledge – Doggystyle!

After a couple minutes of good, old-fashioned doggystyle fucking, she flips back over onto her knees to taste her own pussyjuice right from Danny’s cock. Again, she attempts to deepthroat him – it’s just not possible. No matter…in no time at all, she’s up on the desk, legs spread wide and inviting…


Professor Brandi Love Engages in a Little Face-to-Face Instruction

As Danny begins to pound Brandi’s pussy into orgasmic oblivion, she exclaims, “We’re gonna break the desk!”. This is a sure sign that our young student is, in fact, doing it right.


Mrs. Love Has a Trick or Two Up Her Sleeve

Then, as if she is desperately fighting back from being pushed to the brink by her young understudy, she pulls out one of her unique and infamous “hand-tricks” – closing her hand around Danny’s dick as he withdraws from her pussy. See the close-up below to get a better look at what I mean:


Let’s Get a Closer Look at That Trick – You Gotta Have Your Lover Try This!

There aren’t many adult performers who know how or when to do this – Brandi Love certainly does. For anyone who’s had this done to them, you know that it’s not designed to do anything but make a man cum in basically 15 seconds or less. I once had a girlfriend who used this and another trick – which Brandi also employs in this scene – of placing her fingers just on the outside of her pussy, pressing up against my cock ever so slightly. Needless to say, I came every time in less than a minute – it’s a naughty girl’s dirty little trick to turn the tide on you when you basically have her on the verge of complete orgasmic destruction. Anyway, have your lover try this – as insidious as it is, it feels damned fucking good!


Student Danny Wylde Finds Mrs. Love’s G-Spot – She Clearly Approves

Now, where were we? Oh yes – Danny has been giving Mrs. Love a solid 8 inches of his meat on the desk – which she, throughout the scene, seems to have problems taking him fully – but at some point, feels the need to pull out and tickle her G-spot. Again, nice move, kid! She professes her agreement in saying, “I think the student’s teaching the teacher!”. Shortly thereafter, a move to the floor ensues – Professor Brandi obviously needs to regain control of this situation.


Professor Brandi Love Needs to Reign in Her Student, Regain the ‘Upper Hand’

Happily riding and grinding away on her young understudy, she continues to seem to have problems taking all of young Danny deep into her. Doesn’t seem to bother her too much, however, as she exclaims, “Ahh…that cock is SO BIG!”. At any rate, it’s a perfect joy for all of us – we get to see her perfectly-sculpted ass and her flower-shaped pussy being attacked relentless by that big cock.


Mrs. Love Asserts Herself – Danny Doesn’t Seem to Mind

Cowgirl continues; the sex is hot! You can tell these two WANTED to be in this scene together and are really enjoying each other. The camera, the cameraman, the lighting guy, and all the other production-types don’t even seem to matter. The SEX is what’s happening between these two.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to Hot Fucking 101

A move to reverse cowgirl results in a VERY nice move by young Danny, leaning up to eat Mrs. Love’s pussy while she stands above him:


’Understudy’ Danny Wylde Surprises Mrs. Love

It’s not long before Professor Brandi is begging for him to climax, demanding “I want you to cum on my face!”. He happily obliges:


Professor Brandi Love ‘Cums’ to Know The Climax of Danny’s Scholastic Efforts

All kidding aside here, folks, Danny Wylde exploded mightily all over Brandi’s face and tits. This was no half-hearted dribble, mind you…this dude was totally into this scene, as evidenced by the ferocity of his climax. But then again…who wouldn’t be? Brandi happily laps up the remnants of his orgasm, enjoying some ecstasy of her own…


Lesson Over: Professor Brandi Love Enjoys the Fruits of Her Student’s Labor

Bottom Line:

Quasar-hot setup and sex. Good pairing by NA’s staff; it’s obvious these two were really into each other as the high quality of the sex demonstrated. Audio quality sucked ass, to be perfectly honest. Brandi’s costume didn’t seem to fit the part exactly right; something a little more professional and “professor-like’ – perhaps a suit and some glasses – would’ve done better. In summary, another terrific NA performance for Mrs. Love.

Overall Ratings:

Hotness Meter: 9 out of 10

Production Quality Meter: 6 out of 10

‘Bang for Buck’ Meter: 9 out of 10

SexAction Meter: 9 out of 10

Total Scene Rating: 8.3 out of 10

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